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#ThemeSongTuesday (12/8/15): Press Start

We’ve got homegrown music on #ThemeSongTuesday this week! Despite being defeated and injured by The Apocalypse two weeks ago at PWR: Live!, the crowd walked out of the iAcademy auditorium remembering the name: Vintendo. He’s more than just the guy that did E. Honda’s “Hundred-Hand Slap”, or the “video game guy”. Vintendo is the Fighting Gamer

Source: Hub Pacheco/Vintendo Facebook Page
The fact that he challenged The Apocalypse in his debut showed that he has maxed out his courage stat and is more than ready for PWR’s toughest. The Fighting Gamer deserves a theme song fit for the brave, energetic character he is, and boy did we get more than that.

Vintendo’s theme, composed by PWR’s equivalent of Johnston/CFO$, Joaqui Acosta, surprisingly helps us see a side of Vintendo we didn’t see before. The track opens with a bright, soaring electronic tune, quickly transitioning into a build-up reminiscent of menu screens for early arcade games. The breakdown hits hard with heavy guitars mixed with 8-bit licks, which is completely fitting for Vintendo and his sheer ferocious resiliency. 

That’s what surprised us all about him. The Apocalypse beat him down, yet he kept coming. The guitar and drums keep attacking. So did he. The synths and harmonies don’t give up. Neither did he. Then comes the theme’s abrupt end. You could say that that symbolizes the fate he met at the hands of The Apocalypse two weeks ago, except that’s where the similarities between him and his theme end. The musical barrage ends, but Vintendo doesn’t. We know he’ll be back, and with a vengeance. We know that when he respawns, there will be an apocalypse to cancel and shoryukens to pay. 

He may be the Fighting Gamer, but he’s not playing around. We’re all wishing you a quick recovery, Vintendo.

Oh, and if you enjoyed this theme, a similar sound would be anything from I See Stars (3-D, Digital Renegade, Renegades Forever).


When he isn't writing Smark Henry's #ThemeSongTuesday column, Lorenzo Magnaye hosts the #HomeRun on 99.5 PlayFM. It's a good thing, too, since his childhood consisted mostly of watching professional wrestling and listening to his parents on the radio. He's only recently rekindled his love for the WWE, and has been trying to make up for missing out on everything post-WrestleMania XX by praying to Seth Rollins thrice a day. Follow him on Twitter: @RenzoSaurus!

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