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#WTFWednesday (12/23/15): I Made a Mistake (Again)

Yep, they did it. They really did it.

In a move that everyone saw coming, WWE just did this on yesterday's RAW:

That's right — the WWE took a page out of Steve Harvey's book with their own take on the Miss Universe pageant's Dusty finish (which we wrote about here). Just like Miss Colombia, it wasn't a great night for Paige, as she was already giving her acceptance speech when R-Truth informed everyone that he made a mistake. The actual winner of the Diva of the Year award was Nikki Bella, capping off what has been a solid 2015 for Mrs. Cena.

While we get worked up about some of the other results (Neville winning Breakout Star of the Year over Kevin Owens is just fucking unfair), we will say that this was a great parody. Having R-Truth be the WWE version of Steve Harvey is just perfect. After all, this is the man who once came out to an in-ring segment about a Money in the Bank match he wasn't part of (heck, he just won a Slammy for this very moment):

What did you think of WWE's version of the Miss Universe announcement? Let us know!

Cover photo taken from The Wrap

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