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#WTFWednesday (12/9/15): Picture-taking 101

Last week's entry featured Big E. It seems like we've got a bit of a hangover, then, because we're starting this week with more Big E:

This is the kind of picture that just looks wrong, and there are a couple of reasons why. For one, Sasha Banks is giving a death stare, which can never mean nice things. Picking up from clues in the picture, it seems like this certain smark caught the Boss at a bad time. The luggage in the background makes us think it's at an airport, which does make sense given the constant travel WWE personnel constantly go through. No one ever feels good in an airport, whether it be due to delayed flights, inefficient security checks, or tanim-bala rumors.

Second, that guy isn't even smiling. He's got the same expression your titos have when you take awkward family photos that you post on Instagram. Man, you're meeting arguably the best female wrestler on the planet right now, would it hurt to give a little smile or something?

Even some wrestlers are weighing in on the picture. Here's what Seth Rollins had to say:

While we're at it, we might as well talk about basic acts of courtesy when having your picture taken with a wrestler.

BAD: Getting it taken at random, unexpected places

Clearly, Roman Reigns thinks that guy on the left is a tater tot.

We see what you mean, Seth. Again, this is similar to Sasha's photo above, as it seems like this guy caught the Shield while they were traveling. Look, no one feels good when traveling. Let's leave it at that. At least the guy here is making some effort to be enthusiastic with the fist up pose and all, but the Shield aren't buying it.

Also another reason to avoid pictures like this: sometimes, the guys aren't prepared. Just look at Dean Ambrose.

GOOD: Both wrestler and fan should be appreciating the moment

Now, wrestlers shake a lot of hands and take a lot of pictures when they're meeting fans. The least you could do is give them a compliment or thank them for the effort, because that's going to get them through the next 99 ungrateful jabronis they meet.

Now this is a great example of that point. Clearly, both wrestler and fan are enjoying this picture. I'm sure that costumed fella on the right is proud to meet PWR's General Manager, Mr. Sy. Mr. Sy is even reciprocating the fist bump gesture, which is actually a great touch.

On another note, that guy looks like he could hold his own in a wrestling ring. Might he be PWR's next signing? SANDATA could use another masked friend these days.

GOOD: Doing it at the right places

Most wrestling promotions actually provide plenty of opportunities to meet your favorite wrestler. Meet & Greets are aplenty, for one. PWR provides fans with the opportunity to meet and greet their favorite wrestlers after every show. Yeah, that's right—are you tired of that selfie you took with Jake De Leon last PWR Live? Go take another one after PWR Terminus!

Other perfect places also exist, such as photo studios. Now, we have no idea how they ended up there, but we'll leave you with this picture:

Now that is a good photo.

Photos taken from this thread on r/SquaredCircle, as well as Stan Sy.

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