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TNA Releases TJ Perkins

All the news regarding movable assets has been revolving around WWE and NJPW lately, but today TNA made a pretty shocking, uh, impact on the wrestling world: they let go of TJ Perkins. Our homeboy.
TNA moved his profile to the Alumni section of their website. Perkins, who last wrestled on the brand as Manik—and had been actively campaigning on social media for a character change—hadn't appeared on Impact Wrestling since last year's Bound for Glory on October 4. TJ notes that there was no explanation given for his release, just that the company did not renew his contract.

He now notes that he's open to wrestling anywhere that would want him. He currently appears for EVOLVE regularly, but him going to either WWE or back to NJPW would really be exciting. (But if he's working for EVOLVE, then NXT just might be the way to go.)

Or, you know, a stint back in his home country.

The possibilities are endless! Where do you want TJP to end up? Sound off in the comments!

Photo from TNA, screencap by Jake de Leon

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