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You're Invited to QuizzleMania: A Wrestling Quiz Night!

Do you think you're a bigger Cerebral Assassin than Triple H?

Do you believe you're a greater Intellectual Savior of the Masses than Damien Sandow?

Does your knowledge of wrestling trivia put "The Genius" Lanny Poffo to shame?

And do you like chicken wings?

If you answered yes to all of the above (and even if you didn't!), then we've got the perfect event for you.

Wingmanand Smark Henry,together with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution and FOX Philippines, join forces to bring you QuizzleMania: A Wrestling Quiz Night for every team of wrestling geeks out there who believes they deserve to be named the reigning, defending, undisputed Supreme Overlords of Arcane Wrestling Trivia.

Hooked yet? Here are the details.

What is it?
It's a quiz night!

What's a quiz night? 
It's simple! Assemble a squad of 3-5 other wrestling fans you'd trust with your life, and pit your knowledge about the ins and outs of the sport against other groups of wrestling fans …

SANDATA vs. Apocalypse: PWR's Masked Men to Collide

On Saturday, PWR's pair of masked menaces square off against each other for the first time.

Photo taken from PWR Central.
SANDATA is set to meet the Apocalypse for the first time in a PWR ring, as Mr. Sy has booked this match for the Manila leg of PWR Live. Let's take a look at where both men are coming from heading into this clash, and what we can expect when the two square off at the Tanduay Covered Courts this Saturday.

A New Day for SANDATA
PWR: Vendetta was arguably the most important night of SANDATA's career.

Wala munang salita. Pakiramdam lang muna ngayong gabi.(Salamat kay Nissi Icasiano para sa litrato.)
Posted by SANDATA - PWR on Saturday, February 20, 2016
After a series of altercations with Joey Bax of the Fighters 4 Hire, SANDATA finally picked up his first-ever victory in PWR, forcing Bax to tap out with a grapevine ankle lock. It has been more than a year since the masked warrior from the South debuted, but he has managed to snap his long losing streak.

Basic Smarkometrics (2/29/16): The Post-Vendetta PWR Power Rankings

With the chaos of PWR Vendetta 2016firmly behind us, it's as good a time as any to take stock of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution roster as it heads towards May's Wrevolution X, traditionally the biggest show on the PWR calendar.

The question that always comes up when we tell our friends about PWR is a deceptively complicated one: "Sinong magaling doon?"

As anyone who's followed pro wrestling would know, there's much more to defining who the "best wrestler" is than through wins and losses. So here at the Smark Henry offices, we've designed a proprietary method called Smarkometrics 2.0 to measure who the real big dogs in PWR have been over the past six months—a period spanning five official shows between last September's Renaissance, and ending with February's Vendetta. House shows, pre-shows, and inter-promotional matches don't count. Apologies in advance to anyone who was raving about Chris Panzer and Bombay Suarez's appeara…

The Grapevine (2/29/16): We Bought A Zoo

Good morning, and this is your daily Grapevine! This is where we round up the most interesting rumors and news happening in the wild world of wrestling that you may have missed over the evening.

Do you want to buy a second-rate promotion?

TNA is apparently up for sale. The whole thing isn't exactly being stripped apart and sold to the highest bidder, but the company is looking for outside investors to infuse some new capital into the company and make a five-year plan work. Panda Energy, TNA's parent company, had stopped funding the promotion a while back even though they still own it. (Source: Wrestling Observer Radio)
We say: Dear investors, if you're interested in funding this promotion, make sure you take control of its creative operations and install more people who know what they're doing. Or strip Dixie Carter of any creative power. Either one works.

It turns out the WWE had been discussing the possible brand split way before Shane McMahon returned to the company.