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SANDATA vs. Apocalypse: PWR's Masked Men to Collide

On Saturday, PWR's pair of masked menaces square off against each other for the first time.

Photo taken from PWR Central.

SANDATA is set to meet the Apocalypse for the first time in a PWR ring, as Mr. Sy has booked this match for the Manila leg of PWR Live. Let's take a look at where both men are coming from heading into this clash, and what we can expect when the two square off at the Tanduay Covered Courts this Saturday.

A New Day for SANDATA

PWR: Vendetta was arguably the most important night of SANDATA's career.

Wala munang salita. Pakiramdam lang muna ngayong gabi.(Salamat kay Nissi Icasiano para sa litrato.)
Posted by SANDATA - PWR on Saturday, February 20, 2016

After a series of altercations with Joey Bax of the Fighters 4 Hire, SANDATA finally picked up his first-ever victory in PWR, forcing Bax to tap out with a grapevine ankle lock. It has been more than a year since the masked warrior from the South debuted, but he has managed to snap his long losing streak.

SANDATA heads into PWR Live: Manila Madness with a ton of momentum on his side. With the first win out of the way, he should look towards picking up more victories as he seeks to climb the ranks of PWR's proverbial ladder. A match with the dangerous Apocalypse is a big step up for SANDATA. Picking up a win here can propel him further up the card, where bigger matches (and maybe even title challenges) await.

The Apocalypse: In His Own Worst Nightmare

While things are looking up for SANDATA, 2016 has not been too kind to PWR's resident nightmare fuel.

He started off the year with a unique opportunity—a PWR Championship match against then-champion, Ralph Imabayashi. With the size and strength advantage, one would have expected the Apocalypse to dominate the match and usher in a dark era for PWR. It was a hard-fought battle that saw the monster coming dangerously close to wresting the prized championship away from Imabayashi, but the underdog was able to pull out one well-placed Sonic Crusher to stave off the  reign of the darkness.

Ralph Imabayashi retains his PWR Championship after a top rope Sonic Crusher! #PWRLive
Posted by Philippine Wrestling Revolution on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Things didn't get easier for the Apocalypse. While he wasn't booked for a match at PWR: Vendetta, he ran in to continue the beatdown on Mark D. Manalo after the latter's loss to John Sebastian. In many ways, this was a continuation of the war these two had at PWR: Terminus, where Apocalypse shaved Manalo's head after defeating him in the ring. However, a timely return by Manalo's Beer Promdi partner, Kanto Terror, saved MDM from Apocalypse's wrath.

Thus, the Apocalypse heads into this Saturday's match out for blood, but also with an eye over his shoulder. While he has to deal with SANDATA in the ring, he also has to watch his back for the possibility of Beer Promdi paying back their debt. Kanto Terror, for one, still has to get him back for that lacerated eye he suffered last year. With Beer Promdi also in action at PWR Live: Manila Madness, it is inevitable that they cross paths with the Apocalypse once again. That is a distraction that the Apocalypse cannot afford, as he seeks to win this match to reestablish himself as PWR's resident monster.

What do you guys think? Will SANDATA continue his winning ways, or will the Apocalypse send him crashing back to earth with a destructive victory? Let us know in the comments section!


PWR Live: Manila Madness will be on March 5, Saturday, at the Tanduay Covered Courts, Legarda Street, Manila. Tickets are priced at Php 350, and availability will be announced very soon on the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's Facebook page.

For more details, sign up for the official event page here.

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