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So, Sting Says He Hasn't Officially Retired Yet

Much ado was made late last week about sudden word of a Sting retirement, most likely due to his broken neck suffered during last year's Night of Champions. Although it was a rumor that the man himself had yet to comment on, the IWC (ourselves included) jumped on the bandwagon without even bothering to confirm—because why wouldn't it make sense? The man is a veteran, there probably isn't that much left in the tank, and wrestling doesn't really need to see him wrestling.

However TMZ, the same outlet that broke the news of his impending retirement announcement at the Hall of Fame, caught up with Sting and was told that his neck is fine, and more importantly, he's not retiring yet.

It's a huge egg in the face of a lot of wrestling news sites, present company included, and we apologize for jumping the gun with the rest of the world. We're glad to hear that the Icon's neck is just fine. We also do believe, however, that him not retiring does not change the facts of his long and storied career, so at least we've said what has to be said about the man and his work.

Photo from WWE

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