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The Grapevine (3/8/16): Straight From The Underground

Good morning, and this is your daily Grapevine! This is where we round up the most interesting rumors and news happening in the wild world of wrestling that you may have missed over the evening.

  • Sami Zayn might finally be showing up on today's episode of RAW. Resident r/SquaredCircle tip-giver FalconArrow, who told fans to tune in on the episode Shane McMahon made his return two weeks ago, said that this week's surprise is going to be a little more "generic" than Shane's return. Most assume that that's a play on the name of Sami Zayn's previous character completely unrelated luchador El Generico. (Source: Reddit)

We say: It's about damn time, but perhaps it should have been done earlier to capitalize on Sami's appearance in the Royal Rumble match? Either way, we can't wait to see where this goes, as we'd love to finally start moving up the storyline threads of WrestleMania.

  • Speaking of WrestleMania, Kalisto is apparently not defending the U.S. Championship against Alberto del Rio again. It most likely won't be a multi-man defense as it's looking like another singles match, but no possible contender has been named yet. It's possible that Ryback could be the challenger as he's scheduled for triple threat matches for the title after WrestleMania. (Source: Wrestling Observer Radio)

We say: Thank God it isn't another del Rio match; we've seen far too much of those already. We don't mind Ryback as he has good chemistry with smaller wrestlers, but at this point we don't think we've ever seen a bad Kalisto match. Bring it on.

What do you think? Do you believe the surprise is going to be Sami? Who do you want Kalisto to defend the title against? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Photo from WWE

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