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Bray Wyatt Hurts His Calf in Milan

Bray Wyatt joins the long list of WWE Superstars currently on the injured list after he hurt his right calf in a match against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns in Milan, Italy. confirmed the news this morning.

A fan in attendance named Dani Di wrote an account of what happened, saying that the injury "looked very bad," and that "Wyatt looked like he wanted to continue but absolutely could not." She explained that the injury took place while Reigns and Wyatt "were fighting in the corner and went to break. Wyatt backed off and just slipped wrong [sic], went down and it was clear he was hurt."

Di adds that medics ran down to attend to Wyatt and quickly helped him to the back. The live event ended in Roman Reigns taking part in an All Against One match.

We at the Smark Henry offices think that this is just one of those really unfortunate injuries that happen at the wrong place at the wrong time, especially since Bray Wyatt was just beginning to get some momentum back after that great tag team match he and Reigns had on RAW this week. We hope the injury isn't too serious and that Bray can get back on track sooner than later.

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