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#ThemeSongTuesday (4/19/16): The Rising Sun, From The Land Of The Rising Sun

This is your boy Ro taking over Renzo's usual #ThemeSongTuesday due to technical difficulties, and boy, have I got something to show you.

You may have heard a certain violin cover of current NXT Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura's old NJPW theme song. Guess what—Kay Suzuki went right to work and covered Nakamura's CFO$-assigned song:

"The Rising Sun" might very well be the best WWE theme to feature strings since Daniel Bryan's "Ride of the Valkyries," and Kay Suzuki takes it to a whole 'notha level. Her use of an acoustic violin imbues more soul—and a bit more chills on your spine—into Nakamura's fire theme (which uses an electric violin).

I just don't agree with the way her drummer handles the beat; the overly-simplistic drumming sounds a lot more ham-fisted compared to the original's EDM-style percussion, and its synth sound clashes badly against the more analog sounds coming from the rest of the band.

Despite that, I can imagine Nakamura coming out to this in a really special event. Maybe when he gets an NXT title match. Or when he makes his grand WrestleMania debut, whenever that is.

(Also, wait for that silent YeahOh! at the end to kill you.)

Photo from YouTube

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