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What Is The Manila Wrestling Federation?

If there were still any doubts that the Philippine wrestling industry is alive and thriving through the pioneering efforts of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution, here's one more reason to shoot them down.

The Manila Wrestling Federation took everyone by surprise, launching a teaser video late last week of what looks to be a promising young upstart promotion.

MWF Teaser Video
Coming Soon...
Posted by Manila Wrestling Federation - MWF on Thursday, 7 April 2016

Details are scarce, but the action looks nice and crisp, with an intriguing roster of gifted athletes dishing out standing moonsaults, Sling Blades, and Death Valley Drivers with aplomb.

Clearly, these guys can do the stunts. What's left to discover is what kind of quality stories they can tell in the ring.

While we're sure the day-one roster has yet to be finalized, the various personalities glimpsed in the video seem to present a fine mix of different styles and influences.

We have to admit, we're mighty intrigued about the rise of a second wrestling promotion in the Philippines. As one fan expressed on Facebook:

In order for pro wrestling to truly flourish in the Philippines, we can't have just one or two major promotions lording over everything. What happens when one or both promotion goes? That's it for wrestling. 
What's ideal is a group of promotions that can work around and with each other, with each promotion providing something different and unique to the fans. I'm with everyone else on this, the audience is going to benefit the most from all this wrestling.

Hell yeah. 

What do you hope to see from the MWF? What do you think will be their greatest contribution to the local wrestling scene? Let us know your thoughts below, Henrinites, and don't forget to like their official Facebook page here.

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