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#ThemeSongTuesday (5/31/16): A Crash Course In Basic Thuganomics

There are many ways one can reach a significant level of popularity in today's culture. You can star in movies, be the protagonist of a TV show, make music, or the Generation Y shortcut: go viral and achieve meme-hood. A true superstar, in every sense of the word, looks at the metaphorical menu of fame and orders one of everything. John Cena is an example of that true superstar.

Appearing in over ten feature films, several TV shows (including being the protagonist of first SmackDown! then RAW for what feels like over a decade), and his own rap album that debuted at #15 on the Billboard Hot 200 are just a few of the accomplishments you can add to Cena’s ever-growing list, but none are as important to the internet as “Unexpected Cena.” The horns blare and his music plays on, but what lies beyond those short 15 seconds? A full song, apparently!

John Cena makes his entrance to the tune of “The Time Is Now”, his 2nd and current theme song. The rap track was written and performed by Cena…

The Grapevine (5/31/16): Cena (Not) In The Bank

Good morning, and this is your daily Grapevine! This section of Smark Henry is where we round up all the founded and unfounded rumors abound the pro wrestling scene that you may have missed over the evening.
We have some news about who that seventh Money in the Bank spot is going to be:

Although John Cena is scheduled to return to RAW tonight, he is not going to be the seventh entrant. We'll find out who it is by the end of the night, but it is not automatically going to be Cena. (Source: Wrestling Observer Radio)
We say: That's definitely some interesting news, as the ladder match could've benefited from his name power (despite the amount of talent already in it). We hope this doesn't automatically mean whoever he's facing at the PPV has to take the loss, too.

Speaking of name power, WWE really wants to make SmackDown come out equal to RAW when they split the brands by putting Cena on the blue brand. The show going live and the brand split was a joint decision betwe…

#MustWatchMonday (5/30/16): Tearing It Up with TAKA

If you were a fan of the WWEduring the Attitude Era, you may remember a couple of badly dubbed Japanese cruiserweights named Sho Funaki and Taka Michinoku. If you don't remember them, or just don't know them at all, here's a little reminder for you.

The comedy and racial stereotypes were only one dimension to this team known as Kaientai, however. Beneath the racial stereotypes and the comedy, one half of this team—Taka Michinoku—was and still is an excellent wrestler.
A brief history on Taka Michinoku: he made his debut in Japan in 1993, wrestling for Michinoku Pro Wrestling, the promotion owned by the legendary Great Sasuke. He wrestled in Japan for about 3 years, and worked in storied promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestingand Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling. In NJPW,he would work tournaments such as the Super J Cup and the Best of the Super Juniors. Not many matches from this period can be found online but this eight-man tag match featuring Michinoku still floats arou…

[FULL RESULTS] PWR Wrevolution X 2016

There's no better time than May to be a Filipino wrestling fan, as the Philippine Wrestling Revolution goes live with its biggest annual extravaganza, PWR Wrevolution X. 

With the hottest storylines coming to a fiery conclusion, the biggest championship matches lined up, and the highest stakes in play, classic moments are sure to be in store.

This year's edition has got eight sure scorchers lined up for the Revo-Nation:

PWR Championship Match—Triple Threat Rules: "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon vs. Ralph Imabayashi vs. "Classical" Bryan Leo PHX Gauntlet Match to be the #1 Contender: Crystal vs. Yohann "#YOLO" Ollores vs. SANDATA vs. Vintendo vs. Chino Guinto vs. Mark D. Manalo vs. Joey Bax vs. Trabajador UnoPHX Championship Match: PHX Gauntlet winner vs. Main Maxx (c) First Blood Match: Peter Versoza vs. Bombay Suarez All-Out War: The Apocalypse vs. Kanto Terror Grudge Match: James "Idol" Martinez vs. Rederick Mahaba. Mahaba must join The N…

Who's Who in PWR High?

In just a little over 24 hours, the Philippine Wrestling Revolution universe is set to take part in its annual event of events, Wrevolution X! Much has happened since last year's edition, and we can safely say that much more is in store when the PWR roster showcases its mettle in the squared circle,

Of course, there will be many of you out there who may wonder who the different PWR stars are. There may be a number of you who've only recently encountered the beauty that is Philippine Wrestling Revolution, Many of you may wonder, why is Jericho Rosales wearing spandex pants?

He went through a phase. A not so sexy phase.
Don't worry dear newb readers and friends, we here at Smark Henry have got you covered. We're going to make things quick and easy for all of you by putting the entire PWR roster in the most easily relatable category ever:

High School.

For many, high school has been that stepping stone out of the kiddie cesspool of elementary/grade school, or whatever the h…