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Enzo Amore Seems Okay, But Actually Suffered A Severe Concussion

We've all seen the Certified G and Bonafide Stud Enzo Amore post happy photos following his major injury scare at Payback today, but what the narrative isn't telling us is that what he suffered was still a pretty severe concussion.

Enzo whiplashed his head on the mat after a botched spot that saw Simon Gotch trying to toss him out of the ring. It seemed as though Gotch was going to toss him over the second rope, but Enzo apparently tried to slide below the bottom rope. There was not enough space between the toss and the rope, and Enzo's head collided with the second rope, bouncing and quickly sending it snapping to the mat. By the time Enzo slid out to ringside, he was out cold.

Before leaving the arena, he was able to move his extremities and talk. He went through a battery of tests at a local hospital that all came back negative, and was discharged shortly after. However, some sources are saying that it was a severe concussion. With that, it looks as though he'll have to take some time off to recover from the effects and pass an ImPACT test before he could be cleared to compete again.

What do you think? Is there someone to blame in this whole scare, or was it just a freak accident? Let's talk about it in the comments!

Source: F4WOnline. Photo from WWE

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