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The Grapevine (5/26/16): Much Ado About the Brand Split

Good morning, Henrinites, and welcome to your daily Grapevine! Here is where we round up all the rumors, speculation and interesting tidbits of news you may have missed over the night.

Yesterday was a wild, wild day for us Filipino fans. We got the announcement of a WWE live show in Manila, and last night news broke that the WWE would finally be doing a brand split. We've got more news on how the latter will be proceeding:

  • WWE will be holding a Draft Lottery on the July 11 RAW. Bryan Alvarez reported that this episode of RAW will contain a draft, serving as a way for wrestlers to formally be assigned to either RAW or Smackdown. There isn't any word yet on how these drafts will pan out, although we should learn more about them in the weeks to come. (Source: Wrestling Observer Live)

We say: Is it too much to ask for an NBA-style draft combine? Imagine them taking about Apollo Crews' vertical leap and wingspan.

  • Rumors abound regarding how the current championships will be assigned. Wrestling Inc. reports that the Women's Championship will be kept to one show, while the Tag Team Championship will feature on both. There are also talks of introducing a couple of new titles to the mix, presumably to keep the split clean and even. (Source: Wrestling Inc.)

We say: New titles, or reinstate old ones? Whatever it'll be, hopefully they make all of them matter.

  • Despite the ongoing releases of several wrestlers, expect the WWE to pursue more outside talent. F4Wonline reports that this will be the plan in order to prepare for the brand split, as the WWE wants as many notable names as possible on both rosters. Meanwhile, PWInsider reports that WWE's annual spring cleaning isn't over yet, and there might be more people shown the door in the next few weeks. (Source: F4Wonline, PWInsider)

We say: Cut out the chaff, bring in some hot new talent. It's not really a landmark strategy, but at least they're making an effort to keep things fresh and exciting.

What do you think, Henrinites? How will this year's brand split play out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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