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Why You Need To Watch This Week's Episode Of Tanods

If you've never seen D5 Studios' and Sa Ngalan Ni Ultimate Warrior and Blue Bustamante director Miko Livelo's brainchild Tanods, you're really, really missing out.

It's tough to explain what Tanods really is to anyone who hasn't seen the show. It's barely a sitcom (as we know it); it's a smart, self-aware 21st century upgrade on the Filipino sitcom about a troop of barangay tanods in a fictional urban barangay. The current story is gonna take a while to run through for newcomers, but in a nutshell, the tanods are dealing with a drug problem in their area, and in this week's episode, they finally trace the drugs back to the local Heisenberg, Babycakes (played by the one and only Mystika).

As for the reason why we're talking about this on Smark Henry? Well, if you didn't already notice from the thumbnail, two of Babycakes's goons are played by PWR stars Rederick Mahaba and MyPW Extreme Divison Champion Bombay Suarez.

The two Philippine wrestling stars get all their moves in, with Bombay nailing the token white tanod Matthew (Brian Wilson, whom sources tell us has a real shot at appearing in a PWR ring someday) with a Bomb Shelter and Rederick swinging him around with a More Slam in the Philippines. The only real disappointment was the lack of a single Jaccolade in this episode.

You can watch the whole ep here (and while you're at it, watch the whole series if you can—each chapter is only around 10-12 minutes long).

Catch Bombay and Rederick in action live at the second annual PWR Wrevolution X on Saturday, May 28 at iAcademy! And for the rest of you fellow Tanods fans... how about that ending, huh?

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