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CM Punk Might Finally Be Fighting At UFC 202

While the big hubbub is all about Brock Lesnar's UFC return at UFC 200, now confirmed to be against Mark "The Super Samoan" Hunt, they took the time to ride on this buzz by making an announcement about the other pro wrestler in the UFC.

If all these sources are true, then we'll finally have a scheduled time and place for the long-awaited CM Punk fight: sometime around August 20 at UFC 202, according to F4WOnline. The PPV is going to be headlined by the Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor rematch.

Everyone already knows that CM Punk's first opponent will be young welterweight Mickey Gall, so the biggest question coming in is exactly how prepared Punk is going to be. There have been some setbacks, such as Punk needing back surgery earlier this year and his slow progression in his training (with some sources noting that one and a half years just won't be enough to prepare for a UFC debut) but it seems like Dana White has been backed into put up or shut up mode.

Punk's got a little over two months of overtime to put in work. Time to see what he's made of. One thing's for sure, though: UFC stands to make a killing from their next few events, and it seems as though there's finally some sort of working relationship with the WWE. What a time, once again, to be alive.

Photo from UFC

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