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#ThemeSongTuesday (6/7/16): You Know It's The MacMilitant

The New Era of the WWE seems curiously bent on accomplishing one thing: bring a lot of old faces back.

Sure, it happened around WrestleMania with the return of Shane McMahon and the annual return of the Undertaker (and the Rock). Then we got Bob Backlund for Darren Young. It continues on today's episode of RAW with the surprising comeback of beloved former SmackDown GM, pioneering African-American icon, and lover of surprise tag team matches and one-on-ones wit da Undertaker, Theodore "Teddy" Long.

And what better way to honor this future Hall of Famer today than to remember and commemorate his iconic theme song? Even though to this day, nobody knows what a "MacMilitant" is (even though it probably has something to do with early-2000s also-ran Rodney Mack) the drop is immediately recognizable and the theme means serious business. When it hits, you know T-Lo's here to restore some much-needed order.

As for how long Teddy's going to be around (it most likely is going to be a one-off appearance) we're not quite sure yet. But we are definitely appreciative of his return, being one of the better authority figures in WWE's history.

Photo from WWE

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