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UFC Removes All References To Brock Lesnar On UFC 200

We'd never thought we'd be writing about MMA and the UFC here on Smark Henry, but things happen, and here we are.

After UFC Europe and SportsCenter confirmed Brock Lesnar's surprise one-off return to the UFC octagon at UFC 200, it was discovered today that the company removed all references of Brock and the fight from their website and official Twitter account. The televised promo for Brock that aired last weekend during UFC 199 has been deleted is apparently still on Twitter.

We don't know what's going on, but our gut tells us this might have something to do with prominent MMA reporter Ariel Helwani's sudden banning from the UFC right before the main event of UFC 199, perhaps for helping break the news about Brock and publishing rumors of the planned fight ahead of its announcement. 
WWE, who is apparently on board with loaning Brock to the UFC as a way to build hype for this year's SummerSlam, still has their announcement up on

We'll let you know if we find out anything new.

Photo from Bloody Elbow

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