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Alberto El Patron Stabbed At Airport, Misses AAA PPV

Alberto El Patron’s absence from this past weekend’s AAA PPV has finally been explained.

A post on El Patron’s Instagram account features an official statement, which states that a man with a knife attacked the former WWE Champion while he was eating lunch at a restaurant shortly before his flight.

Mr. Rodriguez (“Alberto El Patron”) shortly after eating a meal before his flight was assaulted by a criminal with a knife outside the restaurant. Mr. Rodriguez suffered multiple lacerations on his arm and other parts of his body defending against the criminal as Police were called by witnesses. Mr. Rodriguez received medical attention and went back to the Police Department and was unable to make his flight. Mr. Rodriguez has spoken with the ownership of Lucha Libre AAA World Wide and given them documentation of the incident. Mr. Rodriguez greatly regrets not being there yesterday for his fans in Mexico and promises to everyone he will make this up as soon as possible. Despite the graphic lacerations Mr. Rodriguez will not miss any of his shows for the remainder of the year and is ready to compete this weekend in the UK.

El Patron also sustained multiple lacerations on his arm and other parts of his body, which there are photos of on his Instagram account.

A photo posted by Alberto El Patron (@el_patron_alberto) on

As of the official statement, El Patron seems to have recovered fine from the incident, and will be able to complete his bookings in the UK this weekend.

Photos from WWE and Alberto El Patron's official Instagram account


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