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#SGQ (12/28/16): Alexa Bliss Gets Her Custom Championship Plates

It took nearly three weeks, but it's finally official: The WWE's resident Wicked Witch and reigning first-time SmackDown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss finally got her custom championship plates.

The WWE finally revealed the iconic blue-and-white strap's Bliss-ful makeover in a video shared across the company's social media media platforms today, just hours before her #WildCardFinals defense on this week's edition of SmackDown Live. 

Visuals of the plates aren't particularly clear in the video, although we do hear Bliss cooing over how it has her name and her face

This is one of the most illustration-driven custom plate designs to date, unlike other champions who have tended towards simple logo applications and basic color blocking. This probably explains why they took so long to produce as well.

We do like the design a lot, although it feels a lot less harmonious with the overall belt aesthetic than other WWE examples. The hot pink glaze spelling out Alexa's name has some nice pop to it, but doesn't seem to meld with the red detail work on the belt's main plate. The line work on the Alexa Bliss caricature, while impressive, tends to break up from a distance, making it less distinctive than, say, Roman Reigns' custom plates from last year.

What do you think of Alexa Bliss's custom championship plates, Henrinites? Modern masterpiece or wasted opportunity? Let us know in the comments!


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