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'Big Bank' Bruno Bernardo Released From PWR

Fans of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution who may have been wondering about the whereabouts of "Big Bank" Bruno Bernardo finally have an answer. After months of inactivity, the burly enforcer of The Network was formally given his walking papers from the promotion. 

The official PWR website made the following announcement regarding his status. 

"Philippine Wrestling Revolution would like to announce that Bruno Bernardo is no longer associated with the promotion due to recent actions that have inconvenienced his fellow colleagues and his unprofessional conduct. We wish him well in his future endeavours."

It's unfortunate that the big man never truly found his opportunity to shine, often getting overshadowed by his loud-talking stablemates James "Idol" Martinez and "The Golden Boy" Chino Guinto, and frequently getting relegated to pre-show cameo appearances. 

We wish "Big Bank" well, and hope he got to cash in some sweet payola from his investments in the Network's #PoWeR drink and King Kong Kangkong. 


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