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Drew Galloway Says Goodbye to TNA

With the massive influx of talent the WWE has enjoyed over the past three years, could a certain former "Chosen One" be next?

Former TNA Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway posted what seemed to be a farewell message to TNA, where he had competed since 2015, most notably defeating "Broken" Matt Hardy for the Heavyweight Championship.

Galloway of course was one of the hotter young WWE talents back in 2009, being dubbed as Vince McMahon's own anointed one, and ripping his way to an Intercontinental and Tag Team Championship reign. While his last run as a member of the 3 Man Band may have been less than stellar, he was always an entertaining and athletic talent to have on the roster.

After all, we'll always have a soft spot for his kick-ass entrance theme.

This isn't to say that Galloway is hard up—he continues to be a premier star under such top-notch indie outfits as EVOLVE, PWG, and IPW, where he's won numerous championships and headlined multiple cards. There's a reason Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked him as the 11th best singles wrester of 2016.

Do you think Galloway should make a return to the WWE? Or is he better off in a jet-setting role as one of the biggest names in independent wrestling? Let us know your thoughts below!


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