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Chino Guinto Suspended From PWR Live: Mainit

You'd think that Chino Guinto would get away with blaming Martivo for James "Idol" Martinez's unfortunate elimination at the recently concluded Path of Gold match. Well, as expected, we were wrong.

Just a few hours ago, The Network's Facebook page (via Mel from HR) announced the following:

This adds quite a wrinkle in the ongoing relationship between Idol and the Golden Boy, the latter slowly getting momentum after his rivalries with SANDATA and MTNH, as well as his MVP-quality run at the Path of Gold match. And that is besides the ongoing struggles between The Network and MTNH, who are both entering the tournament to crown the first PWR Tag Team Champions.

Martinez, as leader of the Network, was characteristically brutal in defending the suspension, alleging deceit on the part of PWR's resident Hotshot Hustler, yet offering potential hope for forgiveness.

 Even bitter rival Ralph Imabayashi was caught off guard by the announcement, making the following Facebook post with the #FreeChino hashtag.

Could we be seeing a Network implosion in the works? Will Martinez and Guinto make up after this entire debacle? And where does fellow downline Alexander Belmonte III stand in all this? We could get some answers at the upcoming PWR Live: Mainit.


PWR Live: Mainit is happening on Sunday, March 19, at the Unilab Bayanihan Center. Gates open at 2 PM. Pre-selling for tickets is ongoing via email or the official PWR Facebook page.


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