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Main Maxx Injured At PWR Live: Mainit

It was intended to be a pitstop on the road to John Sebastian's inevitable main event title match with Chris Panzer at Wrevolution X, but Main Maxx's challenge for the PWR Championship at PWR Live: Mainit was by no means going to be just filler.

Unfortunately, the mammoth former PHX Champion saw his night come to an abrupt end with a freak knee injury bringing an abbreviated end to his championship hopes. Maxx was attempting a routine jumping stomp to a fallen John Sebastian, only​ to seemingly land awkwardly on his left foot. The big man crumpled to the canvas, unable to move, forcing the referee to throw out the match as a no-contest.

After a painfully quiet few minutes of medical attention from event staff, Sebastian attempted to salvage the situation for his ongoing storyline arc by returning to the ring for a cane-assisted beatdown of the helpless Maxx to further fan the flames for his impending match with Panzer.

As seen in a photo released by PWR, we can see a splint bound to Main Maxx's inner left knee, suggesting potential MCL trauma to his historically-tender limb.

As of press time, the big man is undergoing x-rays at a nearby medical facility, but with no official diagnosis yet available.

[UPDATE: It's a dislocated patella. Medical professionals popped his knee back into place, and the PWR's Silent Rage was discharged from the hospital. No word on recovery time, or whether he can make it back in time for Wrevolution X. Medical literature indicates it usually takes about six weeks for a full recovery—meaning there's an outside chance he can make it back by then.]

We'll keep you all posted with medical updates for Main Maxx. But from all of us here at the Smark Henry offices, we wish the young star nothing but the best as he tries to recover from his career setback.

Photos courtesy of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution


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