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Rederick Mahaba Injured; Will Miss PWR Live: Mainit

And the Apocalypse injury tour continues.

Fresh off the brutal crowbar-powered beatdown by the Apocalypse on popular PWR star Rederick Mahaba at PWR Path of Gold 2017, has just broken the shocking news that the "King of Schlong Style" will not be medically cleared to compete at PWR Live: Mainit this March 19.

The unspecified injury leaves a gaping hole in the tournament brackets to crown the first PWR Tag Team Champions. Mahaba was supposedly scheduled to team up with former PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi in their on-and-off pairing of Mahabang Tite Ng Hapon.

This is the third injury inflicted by the Apocalypse on a PWR talent in the past two years, with Kanto Terror suffering a lacerated eyeball, and Main Maxx getting sidelined with a torn pectoral muscle. Whether PWR General Manager Mr. Sy will push for disciplinary action remains to be seen.

We wish Rederick Mahaba a speedy, safe recovery from his injury, and hope to see him return to a PWR ring very soon.


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