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Southpaw Regional Wrestling: The 'Lost' 80s Promotion Has Been Found, And It's Pretty Damn Good

"In 2017, a videotape was discovered in the WWE archives. It contained tape of a renegade promotion called Southpaw Regional Wrestling. This footage from February, 1987 is all that remains."

So goes the opening montage for the WWE's latest stab at original content, Southpaw Regional Wrestling. It's a nicely kitschy throwback to the days of territorial wrestling, when larger-than-life cartoon character gimmicks were the norm, feuds were simpler, and all it took to ignite a blood war was to repossess a man's farm (and his chickens). It's a nice break from today's hyper-aware "Reality Era" storytelling.

The four-episode mini-series also gives WWE talents the rare chance to show off their comic chops. John Cena gets to chew up the scenery as the effervescent anchorman Lance Catamaran, while Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson get to cut loose as the horribly-haired Magnum P.I.-esque archrivals, Tex Ferguson and Chad 2 Badd. Chris Jericho is predictably great playing the company's "infield correspondent," while Rusev and Lana are hilariously miscast as redneck farmers from the South.

The props and costumes don't get any better, and that's a plus.

Watch out as well for a sneakily clever payoff for what seems to be the promotion's biggest show of the year, Lethal Leap Year, while Breezango and the Ascension get to stretch their acting chops playing horrible—but completely charming and unexpected—roles. Frankly, Fandango pretty much stole the show for us here at Smark Henry.

Side note: You'll never guess what they named the promotion's horrific monster heel, who happens to be a creature... from the sea!

Spoiler: It's Sea Creature.
Give the show a whirl. You can finish off the whole mini-series in a single half-hour sprint. Now excuse us while we go dig up some (WHOO!) crispy, (WHOO!) tangy, (WHOO!) KFC Georgia Gold honey mustard barbecue chicken.

Show Playlist

Episode 1: Southpaw Regional Wrestling Is Finally Unleashed

The discovery of a VHS cassette reveals the bizarre and hilarious history of a wrestling promotion once thought lost to time: Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

Episode 2: The Ballad of Big Bart And His Chickens

The villainous banker ruins Big Bartholomew's life, Chett Chetterfield makes an impassioned plea to his wife, and a hot new tag team soaks up the scene.

Episode 3: The Man Who Blinded Tex Ferguson

Big Bart and Christian Joy freak out about the banker's challenge, Lance Catamaran pines for Utica, N.Y., and a very hairy wrestler makes his presence felt.

Episode 4: The Death of Southpaw

The banker reveals his final deception, Tex Ferguson hits the end of his rope, and Lance Catamaran gets bad news about Lethal Leap Year.


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