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DJZ All Right Now After Ruptured Colon And Internal Bleeding Scare

After a serious injury scare that left him unable to move and bleeding internally following a 450 splash, Filipino-American Impact Wrestling star DJZ will be all right after a while.

DJZ was wrestling at a The Crash show in Mexico last night when his opponent hit him with a routine 450 splash. After getting the wind knocked out of him, DJZ found that he was immobilized and in a lot of pain. He was eventually able to finish the match, but started to vomit a lot backstage and still was unable to stay standing. He was taken to a hospital, where it was discovered that he had ruptured his colon and started to bleed internally.

DJZ had emergency surgery that went well, requiring just a few days of observation in the hospital, and the prognosis is that he'll do just fine from here. He's had a recent history of injury as well, working with a wrist and knee injury that forced him to take time off late last year, despite being TNA's X Division Champion at the time. We at Smark Henry are happy that DJZ will be all right.

The Crash, is one of the Mexican lucha libre promotions Impact Wrestling apparently has a new working relationship with.

Photo from TNA


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