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Manila Wrestling Federation Announces New Recruitment Drive For Talent

Mas astig ka ba kay Fabio Makisig?

Can you pull off more 450s than Robin Sane?

Handa ka na bang magpaliwanag kay Moises Liwanag?

If you answered yes to any of these questions (or heck, even if you answered no), then you could be a talent for the Manila Wrestling Federation.

The country's latest up-and-coming wrestling promotion is looking to beef up its ranks with yet another recruitment drive to discover and develop the Philippines' next wave of pro wrestling talent.

Based on a social media announcement on the official MWF Facebook page, the company is opening its doors to anyone who can commit to thrice-a-week training with other members of the roster.

To be held in conjunction with Ninja Academy in Pasig City, this could be a potential foot in the door for every fan who's nurtured a dream of being a trained grappler.

You can message the Manila Wrestling Federation directly via social media for any inquiries.

Will we see you at the next show? Tara, let's go!


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