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Rederick Mahaba Suspended From PWR

What goes around comes around, and Rederick Mahaba is going to have to pay the price.

One day after a victorious showing by the Intimate Warrior at the fourth annual Renaissance show, PWR General Manager Mr. Sy announced via the official company Facebook page that the rotund grappler will be suspended from the next show due to his interference in the Triple Threat main event between his buddy Ralph Imabayashi, Jake De Leon, and Chris Panzer.

BREAKING: Due to his interference in the 3-Way PWR Championship match at PWR Renaissance after Mr. Sy explicitly stated that he was banned from ringside during said match, Rederick Mahaba has been suspended from the next PWR event which will take place on July 23 at the Bayanihan Center.

Sorry, Big Red. But in a world where you and Imabayashi preach love and respect for the business of pro wrestling, you just turned out to be a hypocrite of the worst kind.

No word yet on whether punishment is in store for Ralph Imabayashi, but if proven to have conspired with Mahaba to orchestrate this blatant attempt to steal Chris Panzer's gold, expect a stern reprimand—or worse!—in store for him as well.

Guess we know there's one thing that isn't mahaba about Mr. Sy: his patience.


Photos by "Hardbody" Hub Pacheco.


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