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Good Lucha Things (7/26/17): Worldwide Warm-up

Welcome back to another edition of Good Lucha Things!

A Wild Worldwide Underground Appeared!

This week’s main event featured Rey Mysterio facing PJ Black of the Worldwide Underground, in what served as a prelude to Mysterio’s Lucha Underground Championship match against Johnny Mundo.

It’s actually refreshing to have a match that isn’t in the Cueto Cup, which is what this was. While I get that Dario’s latest darling takes center stage, this was the perfect match to give everyone a brief pause from tournament action. Mysterio and Black put on a nice, back-and-forth main event that allowed both men to shine. While Mysterio’s clearly the star here, they continued to make PJ Black look formidable after last week’s classic. The Darewolf more than held his own and even put Mysterio down a couple of times, the highlight of which was him planting Mysterio with a Styles Clash (or Faithbreaker, if you’re like Matt Striker and are stuck in 2009 WWE.)

The moment the referee went down, though, you …

The Smark Henry G1 2017 Weekly Roundup—Weeks 1 and 2

The G1 Climax Tournament is off to an interesting start, and for every week up until the conclusion of the summer tradition, Smark Henry has you covered with out G1 Weekly Roundup!

This is a regular column where we look at the current standings and important happenings per block, and the Top 10 matches to watch for. Because let's face it, for the working man and woman, we only have so much time to give in a generous world such as pro wrestling on a weekly basis.

And what better way to start than with A Block?

Standings (as of 07/30/2017)
Tanahashi—8 points
ZSJ, Naito, Fale, Makabe, Goto, Ishii—6 points
Ibushi—4 points
YOSHI-HASHI—2 points
Nagata—0 points

Talking Points
Tana on Top

As it stands, we have a clear frontrunner with Hiroshi Tanahashi at eight points, though this can change in the next few weeks. However, note that despite the lead, Mr. V11 has a target in the form of his injured arm, which may be the deciding factor on whether or not he retains his spot.

Zacky Three…

12-Man Tournament To Crown New PHX Champion At APCC

The Philippine Wrestling Revolution's most fiercely-competitive division is finally finding a new champion.

Hot off Chino Guinto's stunning announcement at PWR Live: Bakbakan sa Bayanihan that he is vacating the PHX Championship due to an ACL tear that will have him out of action for up to ten months, the promotion has finally announced a solution to crown a new champ.

That's right, Revo-Nation, PWR's upcoming three-day appearance at the 2017 AsiaPOP Comicon is going to be centered around a 12-man tournament designed to anoint only the sixth PHX Champion in company history.

PWR hasn't come out and explicitly said it, but we can speculate that the twelve men on the event poster aside from new PWR Champion Billy Suede and former PWR kingpin Chris Panzer will be the dirty dozen duking it out for the iconic white and gold belt.

Inaugural PHX Champion Ken WarrenTwo-time PWR Champion Jake De LeonFormer PWR Champion John SebastianFormer PHX Championship #1 Contender SANDA…

The Smark Henry 2017 Midyear Report: In Memoriam

The Smark Henry Midyear Report is a new series where we take a look at the wrestling we watch around the world and assess each show/brand/company's performance in the first six months of 2017.

Heaven must have a wrestling ring.

The first half of 2017 was a great time for wrestling, but also took the lives of some notable and legendary names in sports entertainment. We’ve lost quite a few names in the industry, from WWE Hall of Famers to footnotes in the long history of wrestling.

So let’s step back a bit, have a moment of silence, and remember the contributions of nine of the most notable deaths we’ve encountered this year.
Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (5/18/1943—1/15/2017)
Snuka may not have been pro wrestling’s first high-flyer, but he certainly is the most influential one. The former bodybuilder made his name in territories and the World Wrestling Federation as a risk-taking daredevil, finishing his opponents off with the legendary Superfly Splash. His famous leap off the top of a ste…

PWR Live: Bakbakan sa Bayanihan—The Official Smark Henry Review

Can we all start breathing again?

It's been a week since "Beautiful" Billy Suede captured the PWR Championship for the first time in an epic match-up against the courageous Chris Panzer at PWR Live: Bakbakan sa Bayanihan, but we still get all dreamy-eyed each time we look back and remember the match highlights.

So what's our final verdict for the show? We'll reveal that at the end of this review, but here's a spoiler alert: For all its high points, Bakbakan didn't have as many true "moments" the way Wrevolution X did—although it did have one key moment that was bigger than any other that happened this year.

(That doesn't mean it wasn't a damn fine show, however. There's a reason the Philippine Wrestling Revolution is widely acknowledged as the premier local pro wrestling promotion today.)

As always, we've ranked each of the segments by tiers depending on how much we liked them. This time around, we're assigning tiers based o…

The Smark Henry 2017 Midyear Report: Philippine Wrestling

The Smark Henry Midyear Report is a new series where we take a look at the wrestling we watch around the world and assess each show/brand/company's performance in the first six months of 2017.

Call us biased, but 2017 could possibly be the greatest year yet for the Philippine pro wrestling scene as a whole. Not only did the buzz around the Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) grow hot enough to get WWE scouts to fly in, we saw the birth of two other upstarts in the form of the Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) and the yet-to-debut Art of War Wrestling (AOW).

Amidst all the chaos of the first half, let's stop and take a mo' to look back and see which stars, moments, and storylines took our breath away, in both good and bad ways

Rookie of the Midyear: Trian Dela Torre (PWR)

Inch for inch, Trian Dela Torre manages to edge out his fellow debuting wrestlers in the first half of 2017. After his surprise first match during Crystal’s Bootcamp Challenge, Dela Torre has proven time…