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The most prolific year in local pro wrestling just keeps going with the fourth offering from the Manila Wrestling Federation, Balikbayan.

Here are all the results from our live correspondents at the Makati Square Arena on Chino Roces Avenue.

  • Mr. Lucha defeats Morgan Vaughn via spinning inverted facelock elbow drop
  • Fabio Makisig defeats Kyle Sison via Primera Klasika Sipa (roundhouse kick)
  • Balikbayan Box Match: Frankie Thurteen defeats Moises Liwanag via Angel Bullet (top-rope double foot stomp)
  • Gigz Stryker defeats RG via Asintado (Sharpshooter)
  • Aldrin Richards defeats Hanzello Shilva via electric chair driver
  • Rex Lawin defeats Robin Sane via interference from Fabio Makisig, leading to a gutwrench powerbomb to Sane

What did you think of the show, mga ka-smarkada? Let us know your thoughts!


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