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[FULL RESULTS] MWF Noche Buena 2017

All we wanted for Christmas was some good ol' rasslin', and the Manila Wrestling Federation was more than happy to oblige.

MWF Noche Buena was the upstart promotion's fifth show of the year with a match card headlined by former WWE and NXT talent Ho Ho Lun.

For everyone who couldn't make it the show, we've got live match coverage from our on-site correspondents.

Here's how the show went down.

  • Four-Way Dance—Aldrin Richards vs. Frankie Thurteen vs. Hanzello Shilva vs. Morgan Vaughn: Morgan Vaughn wins via roll-up pin on Richards, who had just planted Thurteen with his Rose Goddess Killer electric chair driver.
  • Interpromotional Match—Brother Jomar vs. John Sebastian: Surprise match that saw PWR part-owner and self-declared "Wrestling Lord & Savior" John Sebastian announce himself as Brother Jomar's new boss. Sebastian wins after landing both the Killer Queen DDT and Killshot on Jomar.

  • Gigz Stryker vs. Fabio Makisig. Makisig kept his undefeated streak alive with a seated Primera Klasika Sipa to the 90s Action Hero, who had been immobilized by a standing Shooting Star Press to his legs.
  • Rex Lawin vs. Ninja Ryujin ends in a TKO win for Lawin via Rear Naked Choke. Australian wrestling star Greg Bownds, who had been in the audience, chastised Lawin after the match as a disgrace to Filipino wrestling, and challenged him to a future match with his AWF gold on the line.

  • Mr. Lucha's Proving Ground: Kyle Sison vs. Ashura. Ashura made a victorious return to MWF by pinning the young Sison with an avalanche Ocean Cyclone Suplex.
  • Ho Ho Lun vs. Robin Sane. Great match that saw the Hong Kong Pro Wrestling star defeat Sane with a chickenwing back suplex.


Featured image by Instagram user charles.d.wolfwood.


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