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Rederick Mahaba Out 4-6 Weeks With Shoulder Injury

Forget adding insult to injury, this is about adding injury to insult.

Fresh off Miguel Rosales' dominating win in a handicap match he was supposed to lose against reigning PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi and the 300-pound Rederick Mahaba, the Philippine Wrestling Revolution has just announced a major injury in the aftermath of that bout.

Mahaba was diagnosed with shoulder tendonitis after landing badly on a nasty hiptoss, and is likely out of action between 4-6 weeks.

Shoulder tendonitis is a condition that commonly affects the rotator cuff and/or the bicep tendon—basically where the arm meets the body—with inflammation generally caused by the tendon being pinched by its surrounding structures. It's usually not caused by a single incident of blunt trauma like Mahaba's fall, but is caused by multiple micro-traumas to the joint over time, suggesting that the "Intimate Warrior" may have been inevitably due for this sort of injury.

The good news is that shoulder tendonitis doesn't typically require surgery to correct, and can be addressed via rest and proper therapy.

We at the Smark Henry offices wish Mahaba the best as he recovers from this temporary setback, and applaud his courage in completing the match despite it.

Photo by "Hillbilly" Hub Pacheco. GIF by Meanne Bruan.


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