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[QUICK RESULTS] Art of War Wrestling: Genesis

Smashing your mouth live from the exclusive Valkyrie Night Club in Bonifacio Global City, it's the debut show of Art of War Wrestling, Genesis!

We've got an exciting lineup of matches that promises to showcase the "Hard Style" the up-and-coming promotion hopes to make famous, including the ring return of a familiar face, and the introduction of a lot of new ones.

  • "Classical" Bryan Leo vs. Pete "The Nuke" Baldo
  • Zera & Ace Clark (w/ Project Z) vs. Razael & Uno Salvador
  • "The Machine" Mavericc Knight vs. Rex Go
  • "The Godkiller" Dabid Ravena vs. Hybrid (w/ Queen Rogue)
  • Starling vs. Silent D in an intergender match
  • Ali "The Filipino Dragon" Mina & "The Asian Nightmare" Ken Cifer vs. The Society Rejects (John McQueen & Brandon Ward)

Gates open at 5 PM with the matches starting at 6 PM, so we'll be updating this with live results as they happen.

Keep refreshing this page for updates, Warriors!

Match #1: 730 Tempest (Zera and Ace Clark) def. The High Proof (Razael and Uno Salvador)

AOW CEO Brian Finigan came out to greet the crowd, but was interrupted by "Classical" Bryan Leo and Nuke, who wanted to get it on immediately. Finigan then stopped the two from coming to blows, before announcing that the main event would be for the AOW Heavyweight Championship!

Match #2: Starling def. Silent D. Jara Frost came out afterwards and attacked Starling.

Match #3: The Machine def. Rex "The Flex" Go. Cherry Gerry came out afterwards  but was attacked by Machine.

Match #4: The Society Rejects (John McQueen & Brandon Ward) def. Desolation (Ali "The Filipino Dragon" Mina & "The Asian Nightmare" Ken Cifer)

Match #5: "The Godkiller" Dabid Ravena def. Hybrid (w/ Queen Rogue) via DQ after Queen Rogue attacked Godkiller. Project Z then came out and attacked Queen Rogue.

Before the main event, Brian Finigan came out to introduce AoW's trainer Chilly Willy. Chilly Willy then honored Pinoy Wrestling's Turko Turero, who was in attendance for the show.

Match #6 - AOW Heavyweight Championship Match: "Classical" Bryan Leo def. Pete "The Nuke" Baldoza to become the inaugural champion.

What did you think of the show, Warriors?? Stay tuned for more detailed results as well as a full review!


  1. predictable given that there is a person that is named godkiller before the main event. that person will beat cbl to get the belt masyadong halata tsaka yung trailer nya pa yung una. i was also disappoint for promotion that specializes in hard style, doing a storyline the same as the popular netflix t.v series g.l.o.w just sucks. this is what i expect as hard style might as well call themeselves gorgeous men of wrestling

  2. CBL booking himself over once again. Just imagine the politics this booking decision will ensue. CBL should step aside and give the spotlight to a new face.

    1. Let's wait and see. I thought he made Nuke look like a star.

  3. Just be patient and be surprised guys!

  4. Disappointing. My friends and I were watching Philippine wrestling ever since 2014. We knew about CBL's history. Some of us were giving that guy a chance at redemption thinking that he won't commit the same mistakes he did. However it turned out extremely disappointing when they did the main event. It has become the CBL show. What a glory hound.

    1. Wait a moment, CBL show? pero match of the night po is yung unang match diba? and star of the night si Nuke? Also CBL's history? Bakit hindi nila pinadampot si CBL noon pa?

  5. I willing to bet a huge amount of money some of the guys who are here at the comment section are just PWR purists. Yeah, CBL won the belt, but isn't the belt supposed to be chased by a babyface? He is by default, the top heel of the company. Don't let your personal judgement cloud their way of telling the story. It's their 1st show pa lang.

    1. hmm. so there ripping off netflix gorgeous ladies of wrestlings story. wow very original.

    2. Wait, in just one show nagaya nila yung story ng glow? Talking about ripoff?

      Trabajadores = Ginaya yung Dai Shoker
      John Sebastian = Ginaya si Shinsuke Nakamura
      Path of Gold = Ginaya Royal Rumble

      Should I continue?

    3. so just by your reply i already said enough. they said. they wont be pwr. but from your statement they are becoming like pwr.

  6. Pansin ko lang po since nag simula yung Art of war wrestling madaming taga PWR people who happens to be in my friend list ang nangbabash sa kanila? ginagaya yung #Legit #BeReal na hashtags. Sana po walang inggitan. Mga Pinoy tayo lahat eh. Magtulungan nalang.

    1. not gonna be surprised some of the aow guys do have some irksome attitude.

    2. Ahmmm irksome in what way? Eh sila nga po yung binabash online kahit wala naman silang ginagawa. Tahimik din ang roster ng MWF eh... PWR lang talaga maingay... Ewan ko di ko din alam kung bakit.

    3. nah sila rin, dapat kasi hinayaan. nila mag ingay. kung ako tatanongin dapat finocus nalang nila kung ano dapat gawin. i have seen people.yan tuloy may semi bad review sila.


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