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Rey Mysterio Reportedly Injured, Could Be Out Six Months

Squash that speculation about Rey Mysterio possibly heading to WrestleMania as John Cena's opponent, because the high-flying former World Heavyweight Champion could likely be out with a major injury.

Dave Meltzer reports that Mysterio potentially tore his left bicep in a tag team match for Northeast Wrestling last March 2nd in the US.

The lucha legend was teamed up with Flip Gordon against the tandem of Joey Mercury and Caleb Konley when the supposed injury occurred. Mercury, after being informed of the injury, was ready to improvise an ending for the match, only for Mysterio to hotshot the finish after setting up a double 619 on his opponents and pinning Conley with a splash off the top rope.

Backstage reports indicate there was major swelling and visible bruising in the 43-year-old's arm.

If true, this would be the second major bicep injury in Mysterio's career, coincidentally coming just over a decade since the tear he suffered in February 2008 that kept him on the shelf for nearly five months. Normally, however, a six-month recovery period is more likely for this sort of injury, ruling him out until early September.

We here at the Smark Henry offices wish Mysterio all the best as he recovers from this temporary setback.


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