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Crystal Announced For 2018 Mae Young Classic, Then Mysteriously Pulled

Call it a gem na naging bato pa, at least for now. Earlier today, Manila time, WWE announced the remaining participants of this year's Mae Young Classic, which included the self-proclaimed Queen of Philippine Wrestling Crystal, as speculated a couple of weeks ago on the Grapevine.

However, the elation of the Philippine wrestling fandom quickly turned to confusion as hours later, all mentions of Crystal on all official WWE accounts and the press release were removed. We reached out to Crystal for her comments but as of now, she cannot disclose any reasons or details about her current status for the tournament.

We've got some different theories running around as to why this is the case, but none of them substantial. Smark Henry wishes Crystal the best of luck on this journey wherever it may take her, and we'll continue to update everyone as we receive more information.

Photo from TCHuang Productions


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