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"Survivor" Series: Share ALL The Nicknames!

Welcome to "Survivor" Series, our weekly column focusing on the adventures of one John Hennigan, a.k.a. Johnny Mundo, Johnny Impact, John Morrison, Johnny Nitro, on the islands of Fiji as a castaway on Survivor: David vs. Goliath. The season kicked off this past Thursday (Manila time) with an epic premiere. And as promised, this column will zero in on how The Mayor of Slamtown maneuvered his way through the game, for better or worse.

Let's start this off with the question everyone's dying to know about The Shaman of Sexy.

Did John Hennigan get voted out first? Nope. 
Technically, nobody has been voted out of the show yet because the first boot was a medical evacuation for the most bizarre reason to date. While the David Tribe, who had lost the Immunity Challenge, was being transported back to their beach, a cyclone hit the island pretty hard and rocked their boat to the point that one member, Pat Cusack, was sent back with a force that gave him tremendous back pain. …

Smark Hen-XT (9/26/18): Heavy Underdog

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Otis Dozovic should have just been a one-off throwaway match on NXT TV. It wasn't a match I was excited about and it certainly wasn't a match I thought I'd speak highly of after having watched it.

My oh my, was I wrong.

There was a built-in story here since Dozovic accused Ciampa of being Aleister Black's attacker, which ties in to the larger "Whodunnit?" story arc that the rest of NXT has been revolving around since Black got injured. But there was also the secondary story of Ciampa asserting himself as the top dog on NXT now that he's NXT Champion. Dozovic represented someone who dared stand up and defy him—regardless of how silly Heavy Machinery normally are. That's still someone who didn't want to cower in fear to him, therefore, he had to be put down.

Given that context into the match, I enjoyed how Dozovic displayed moxie in the ring by hanging with Ciampa. It was logical to see him dominate early on because of his size a…

#SGQ (9/28/18): PWR Live Fashion-front

After missing out on PWR Renaissance 2018, it felt good to be able to watch PWR Live: Homefront because, as you all know, the card was heavily stacked with lots of great stories, match-ups and guests galore (you can read the Official Smark Henry review here).
Of course, with every show, we’re always on the lookout for new threads, gear, merch, and anything which fancies the eye—my eye to be exact—so, here we are again with another dose of #SGQ–which we’ll dub #SGQ Fashion-front.
Ang Mamatay Ng DahilKay… Tengu?!
PWR Live: Homefront’s main event was a match between Mr. Philippine Wrestling, Jake De Leon and the returning Tengu (of London Lucha League) for the PHX Championship. Now, we’re not here to talk about the match (which, by the way, got five stars from me), instead, let's talk about what the Yakuza Assassin wore for this match.

We’ve seen superstars try to sport the formal look, from the more recent Baron Corbin vests, to Right to Censor’s buttoned-up shirts and slacks combos,…

#FinisherFriday: Strike of the COBRA!

Welcome to another edition of #FinisherFriday! This is Wreddit_Regal bringing to you an analysis of Santino Marella's finisher.

In his decade-long career with WWE, the Milan Miracle has captured the hearts of young and old with his dialogues, power walk towards the ring, the trumpet march after a victory, and his infamous finisher, the Cobra.

As ridiculous as it looks, this move paved the way for Santino in his march towards US and Tag Team gold. Striking here and there, the Cobra has definitely gained a reputation (good or bad) as one effective maneuver. But leaving the introductions behind, let us pick apart the move one by one.

The mechanics of this move are as follows:
Santino extends his right arm perpendicular to the canvas, and supinates the right hand (wearing the sleeve or "skin" is optional)He makes the "snout"He raises the forearm 90 degreesHe rotates the snout forwardHe says the magic word "COBRAAAAAAA!"And proceeds to strike the opponent

The Grapevine (9/28/18): Jurassic Park

Good morning, and this is the Grapevine! This section of Smark Henry is where we round up all the founded and unfounded rumors abound the pro wrestling scene that you may have missed over the week.

The Shawn Michaels comeback tour is apparently not just for WWE Crown Jewel:

Beyond the tag match reportedly planned for WWE Crown Jewel, there are talks of another Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker match for Survivor Series this November. Some people were planning for it to happen at Royal Rumble this coming January, but others are apparently pushing for it to happen at Survivor Series. (Source: WrestleVotes)We say: BUT WHY? Neville has apparently completely off the grid. After getting released from his WWE contract last month, no one has heard from the former Cruiserweight Champion. While some have mentioned that he was in talks with them, he apparently said he couldn't due to "legal issues." However, his contract reportedly did not have a no-compete clause, so he would've be…

Live From the 205 (9/26/18): It's Not Always A Fairytale Ending

I'll be honest—I was ready to tune out and give up on this week's 205 Live main event.

Both Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami have been stuck with this lame-duck storyline, but Ali more than Itami. Ali gets taken out via Itami's brutal style, sits out for a couple of two-week intervals where we don't actually see him struggling to get back. It's like nothing really ever happened to him and he was just waiting for the week Drake Maverick gives him the green light to compete on the show again. The main event felt like your typical feel-good resolution that doesn't do much for Itami.

And then... the finish happens. Even though it was looking that way, Ali doesn't get his fairytale ending. The two of them are at a stalemate, ending in a double countout after a more-heart-than-brains-influenced 054 to Hideo on the apron. Now they've got my attention again.

It feels a little like 50-50 booking, but I wish we just got to this point much earlier in the feud instead …

SmackDown RunDown Live (9/25/18): That One Night in Milwaukee

It’s a-me, ya boy Ricky, and I’m feeling the wrestling fever, baby! After starting the week right with some fun PWR Live: Homefrontaction and catching up on the Mae Young Classic, I’m marching through this fun week with an awesome episode of SmackDown Live. Life is still good, I guess. I should probably end the week by watching all the NJPW shows I downloaded eons ago. Yikes.
Look at Becky Lynch, She’s the Champion NowBecky Lynch is slowly easing in her role as the top dog of the women's division and her antics are just golden. She’s just walking around like she owns the place, attacking her rival even during a casual photoshoot, and picking out opponents (and insulting them in front of their husbands) willy-nilly. I sound like a broken record but I’m loving Becky Lynch as the champion. Please have her retain at Super Show-Down. Let her be the champion for a year, even.

Lana was the champ’s unfortunate victim this week but its not from a lack of trying. The Ravishing Russian actual…

The Smark Henry RAW Review (9/25/18): Game of Turns

I'm not gonna lie: I enjoyed this week's RAW more than I actually expected I would. Why? Here's why: They finally addressed my whole thirst for a Dean Ambrose heel turn. If you've been following my reviews for a while now, you probably would have noticed how I won't shut the fringe up about a Dean Ambrose heel turn and for good reason. Well, for a good many reasons.

First, Dean's return came with a new look: shorter hair, a beard, and a bulkier frame. This scary Dean who seemingly just got out of prison looked like a mighty promising heel. Second, remember the circumstances that led to Dean's injury in the first place? The lunatic held the unofficial title of WWE "iron man," having wrestled over 1,000 matches from 2012 to 2017 without suffering a major injury until the Shield was reformed. You know who else is considered the WWE's "iron man?" He's a member of the Shield and went on to become Intercontinental Champion while Dean …

PWR Live: Homefront—The Official Smark Henry Review

Resling! PWR will once again receive the #NitPickRick treatment because ya boy Ricky didn’t slack off on a Sunday afternoon and actually went to see his second PWR show. Admittedly, I am two shows behind but trust me, I’m up to the task. It’s like I didn’t skip a beat as you will see in my straight fire commentary and my irritating habit of pointing out the smallest of details.

So yeah, enough about me, let’s discuss Homefront, a strong contender for show of the year. And as always, we’ll be dissecting the show and categorizing them under three tiers of awesomeness. But why am I explaining this? You already know what’s about to go down. So go ahead, scroll to the match you liked because that’s what you’re going to do anyway. Who reads an entire article, amirite?

Tier 1: Arthur the Aardvark
Because Homefront had kids in the house, let’s keep the theme of our tiers kid-friendly! I’ll award the top tier to everyone’s favorite aardvark, Arthur! Just look at him and bask in his glory. All we …