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The Grapevine (9/21/18): Welcome to Heartbreak

Good morning, and this is the Grapevine! This section of Smark Henry is where we round up all the founded and unfounded rumors abound the pro wrestling scene that you may have missed over the week.

So it looks like legends are returning to the WWE:

  • Shawn Michaels really may come out of retirement for one more match. The plan right now, as mentioned last time, is for him to be at Triple H's corner against the Undertaker at WWE Super Show-Down on October 6, leading into a tag team match against Undertaker and Kane at WWE Crown Jewel on November 2 in Saudi Arabia. (Source: PWInsider)
We say: Well, at least it isn't a singles match. Damn these glorified, televised house shows.
  • Rey Mysterio has officially signed a new two-year contract with the WWE. However, Rey only wanted an 18-month contract, but the company insisted on two years. They agreed on a deal where Rey has a clause in which he can give his notice after 18 months if he wants to leave. There are no plans yet on which brand Rey will work. (Source: PWInsider)
We say: It's obviously not going to be 205 Live, so we really hope it's SmackDown, which could use a little more star power.
  • Alexa Bliss suffered an arm injury during her match with Ronda Rousey at Hell In a Cell. The plan right now is for Ember Moon to replace her in the Mixed Match Challenge, and then taking over if she's cleared in time for the tournament. There's no timetable yet for her return. (Source: PWInsider)
We say: We wish Alexa well in her recovery.
  • Officials from both WWE and Impact Wrestling met a while back at WWE headquarters. The objectives of the meeting have yet to be confirmed, but speculation claims that they have something to do with the sale of Impact Wrestling's tape library to the WWE for use on the Network. Impact is still looking for ways to make more money as their TV deal with Pop TV doesn't make much, and their only strong revenue stream is from their TV deals in India. WWE has used Impact Wrestling footage recently in documentaries for the Hardys and AJ Styles, so some sort of deal for more video may end up being the case. (Source: WON)
We say: Given that a good number of Impact/TNA alumni are in the company right now, we think airing old TNA episodes and PPVs on the Network would be great for wrestling fans, especially when they could help flesh out the alumni's backstories.

Let us know what you think of this news in the comments!

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