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Touching The Crown Jewels: WWE Crown Jewel Predictions

With WWE finally making an official statement confirming that Crown Jewel will indeed push through, and with the roster—and even the fans—having divided opinions (if rumors are to be believed) for this event, we here at the Smark Henry offices are giving you our own take on the event, which will be happening at the King Saud University Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on November 2, 12:00 PM Eastern Time (November 3, 12:00 AM, Manila Time) and can be watched on the WWE Network.
As always, plans can change at any moment, with the card even changing recently to replace John Cena with Bobby Lashley, so any predictions made from this day are only based on the current announced matches of the Superstars involved in the matches. So without further ado, here are my predictions for the show.

WWE World Cup Tournament First Round Matches: Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins  Kurt Angle vs. Dolph Ziggler Jeff Hardy vs. The Miz Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton
The Migz’s Pick: Rey Mysterio or Kurt Angle

The Smark Henry RAW Review (10/29/18): Trick or Threat

Fresh from last week's emotional RAW, Team Red had their work cut out for them this week. Not only did they have to build up from that heart-wrenching betrayal—why, Dean?! Why?!—but they also had to contend with more Crown Jewel hype in the midst of intense controversy. Oh, joy. At least WWE Evolution was awesome, am I right? My god, the second ever Last Woman Standing match was pretty amazing—I mean, uhh, Ronda's title match against Nikki Bella was way better, Becky. #TeamRed for life! Nailed it.

Acting RAW General Manager Baron Corbin opened this week's show with the vacated WWE Universal Championship on his shoulder. Congratulations, Vacant. I liked how Corbin addressed the Reigns situation here, separating the personal from the professional like a, well, professional. Corbin is still a heel, after all, and the Shield has been a thorn in his side, especially Roman Reigns, who beat him up during Corbin's self-booked title match. So because he's still a heel, and…

#ThemeSongTuesday: Hey, Are You Like Most Girls?

It's been said over and over again that the best wrestling themes encapsulate the character of whoever's using them. It's even better if the song can nail the gimmick within the first, say, 30 seconds. I never really felt that with Nia Jax's theme, especially when she was still a heel.

When you have a song that starts with the line, "I'm not like most girls," and then it sounds like an anthem for female empowerment, it gets pretty hard to think about that wrestler's character as villainous. And with the current generation being more attuned to the conversation surrounding women's rights, it gets even more awkward to have to boo a strong woman just because she's dominant and can easily overpower everyone else.

That's why I felt it took WWE too long to turn Nia Jax face, but I'm glad they finally did. In this era where people are more conscious about things like body-shaming, how women are treated in the workplace, equal pay among gende…

The MMC With Smark Henry (10/23/18): With Enemies Like Those, Who Needs Friends

It's all about the hugs in this week's episode of WWE Mixed Match Challenge as resident hug giver Bayley and teammate Finn Bálor made sure Team Pawz remain down in the dumps, while The Miz would like to be the last person to join a group hug.

With WWE Evolution looming at the time of this episode, friends turned into temporary enemies. Because of that, it's no surprise that the men were responsible for the victories in both matches.

This wasn't more evident than in the SmackDown group bout where Jimmy Uso amped up Naomi during the pre-show interview to fight new friend Asuka, while The Miz laid the groundwork from the beginning that there won't be shenanigans in their fight that night against Day One Glow.

The Miz averting himself from any form of intimate physical contact (I guess it's the luck of the draw that he has to face husband-and-wife teams in consecutive weeks) might make him seem like a cold person. But since we all know that he's married and we'…

Live From the 205 (10/24/18): Keeping It 100

It took a while, but 205 Live finally hit 100 episodes.

I'm pretty happy to have chosen to review this every week, despite being late with it. As it stands, even when majority still don't give it a chance, 205 Live is still arguably the strongest hour of main roster television the WWE's got. I can say this because I've personally watched the show scratch and claw its way to remain where it is and fight for the identity it should've had all along this year.

Not every episode is going to be an A+ or even an A, but what 205 Live accomplishes in under an hour is still a lot more than even most episodes of SmackDown. Whoever's running it since early this year, at the exodus of Enzo Amore and heading into WrestleMania, understands how to run a show like this: remove it from RAW but keep it above NXT, and give everyone the spotlight by sharing.

By doing this, the cruiserweight division created its own consistency in its forced inconsistency. Anyone who wants to know …

MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling Live Results

Our #KapaFEDs from the Manila Wrestling Federation are back for their own Halloween offering in MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling!

This Sunday evening affair will be headlined with the first-ever cross promotional six-man elimination tag team match between Team MWF (Mr. Lucha, Ninja Ryujin, and Robin Sane) and Team PWR (PHX Champion Jake de Leon, John Sebastian, and Chris Panzer) in what will surely be a spitfire main event.

The tournament to crown MWF's inaugural champion continues with two matches in Fabio Makisig vs. Morgan Vaughn and Rex Lawin vs. Robin Sane (again, yes). Who will be a step closer to making MWF history?

Can't make it to UP Bahay ng Alumni? We gotchu, fam. Check back here as we bring you live results from ground zero!

Fabio Makisig def. Morgan Vaughn with two roundhouse kicks to the head to advance to the finals of the MWF Championship tournament.Jomar Liwanag (with Jorelle Liwanag) def. Hanzello Shilva after Shilva passed out to a Liontamer. After the match, Liwa…

The Implosion of Mr. Lucha: The Official Todos Los Wrestling Smark Henry Preview

Hey everyone! My name is BJ, writing for the first time here at Smark Henry. I've been tapped mostly to focus on MWF stuff, and I'll be popping in from time to time to talk about my favorite part of professional wrestling—storytelling! I will talk about storylines, character development, superpowers in the squared circle... the works! If it's about MWF storytelling, then I'm your guy.

They say that pro wrestling is a telenovela for men, and in some ways this is true: The plot can be riddled with holes, the acting can go over the top, and shows will have a knack for ending in cliffhangers. Sometimes you even get evil twins! But we love it all, because just like the stories passed down by lola as she sits on that creaky rocking chair, wrestling stories are less about a consistent script. It's more about whether or not these stories make us feel.

MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling is tomorrow, so what better way to start than by looking at the three founding wrestlers of MWF a…

No, Not That Evolution: WWE Evolution Predictions

WWE Evolution is taking place on Monday (Manila time)—an all-women's PPV being produced by WWE of all promotions, for the first time. We're all all sorts of excited and concerned at the same time for this upcoming WWE PPV. 

Let's just get our concerns out of the way: yes, WWE failed to advertise this PPV as much as it has that other gender-exclusive PPV, and my ex-girlfriend Alexa Bliss was replaced by Alicia Fox because of injury. That said, let's get this show on the road before anyone realizes SmackDown Live reviewer Ricky Publico and I aren't actually women.
RAW Women's Championship Match: Nikki Bella vs. Ronda Rousey (c) 
Ricky's Pick: Ronda Rousey.I mean, why are we even arguing about this? I do appreciate the hype they built around this match. Granted, there were slut-shaming comments made; but I guess that’s part of the drama. Great job on the hype, but I’m not sure if these two are capable of headlining a historic PPV. I hope WWE reconsiders and put …