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Shoot Henry (12/23/18): Ice Meets Ice Breaker

Just last night, December 22, Forza held its second Underground series event in the Filoil Flying V Arena in San Juan. With the main card featuring mostly students from various colleges and universities in the country, one name was familiar. In the strawweight championship bout, facing Edward Genodia of Universidad de Manila, was CSB's Ice Dimayuga, formerly known as Mayhem Brannigan.

The match itself ended fairly quickly. Genodia rocked Dimayuga with two rights, and simultaneously stepping in with another right and an outer leg trip. After being stunned and outbalanced, Dimayuga was unable to defend the series of rights landing flush on his face. This assault forced referee Joey Lepiten to stop the fight in the opening minute of the first round, resulting in Genodia capturing the Forza strawweight title belt.

You could watch the whole thing here (the fight could probably fit on a single Vine bell-to-bell, if Vine were still around):

This followed some pre-match hype in which Dimayuga claimed he was not a fighter, but a "savage":

Not much has been known about Dimayuga after his departure from the promotion since his last match in 2015. He was storyline injured after an attack by the Fighters 4 Hire after a brutal match with Chris Panzer in the inaugural PHX tournament semifinals. He had been seen in attendance during some shows.

What do you think of the former Mayhem Brannigan's showing?

Video from Powcast Sports


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