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Smark Healthy: Wrestling For Fitness

When someone mentions the term pro wrestling, what often comes to mind are big sweaty mean in body hugging tights or trunks slamming each other into the ground in a myriad of ways. While technically true, pro wrestling can also be a source of exercise for health and fitness. That's the vision that Greg Glorious, Dennis "the Ladykiller" Hui, and the rest of Grapple MAX have for their organization.

Last weekend, I got the chance to watch them live in Singapore the actiFIT Asia event held in the Marina Bay Sands. Yes, folks. Pro wrestling has finally made its way to one of the most luxurious hotels in Singapore and all of Asia. As part of the actiFIT Asia expo, the promotion joined other sporting spectacles and fitness activities such as the Singapore Powerlifting Open, the Singapore Kickboxing Championships, the WFF Dennis WorldWide Pro/Am Classic, and various group classes with the Les Mills Live group workout area taking a whole hall for itself.
Aside from the expected …

The Smark Henry RAW Review (3/25/19): Samoa No

Editor's note: This week's RAW review is a little late because it's quite a busy time here at the Smark Henry offices. But that doesn't mean we're any less excited about the last few episodes until the biggest event of the year in WrestleMania.

It's official! The Triple Threat match involving Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women's Championship is the main event of WrestleMania—not that I'm surprised because I think it's been a long time coming. Also a long time coming? Triple H's in-ring retirement match, which is actually also Batista's in-ring retirement match, so I guess we're getting an in-ring career versus in-ring career match between these two guys at WrestleMania? More importantly, was this Dean Ambrose's final WWE match? Again? So many questions, so little time.

It's certainly awesome that WWE is finally having women main event WrestleMania, though I hope that actually…

Smark Hen-XT (3/27/19): The Dust Has Settled

It's kind of weird that they decided to have the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic on a regular episode (we've still got another week of NXT TV prior to WrestleMania weekend) although I'm not complaining because I'm expecting some build-up for the NXT Tag Team Championship match on the next show.

I honestly would've preferred a seasoned tag team to battle it out with the War Raiders at NXT TakeOver: New York, however, looking at the finalists, I'm a little hesitant to get fully behind both of the teams since 1) the Forgotten Sons haven't really made that much of a mark on NXT and 2) you already know that both Ricochet and Aleister Black have been promoted to the main roster.

However, this does beg the question: what are they trying to achieve with the tournament? For one, it may be a send-off for Black and Ricochet on a high note. At the grandest stage of the year, it's hard to get a spot on WrestleMania so the next best thing might be to pad…

#FinisherFriday (3/29/19): The Midnight Hour

Welcome to another edition of #FinisherFriday! This is Wreddit_Regal giving you an analysis of the beloved New Day's double team finisher.

If you've been watching SmackDown consistently starting from pre-Elimination Chamber until now, you know by now that #KofiMania is running wild, with the WWE Universe eagerly waiting for the moment Kofi puts WWE Championship gold (or hemp) at his waist. Starting out by filling in as a replacement for an injured Mustafa Ali for the Chamber match, until finally securing his moment at Mania against the "New" Daniel Bryan, this storyline has gained mostly positive reviews from critics such as Cagesideseats and BleacherReport.

But as the wrestling saying goes, behind every successful man is another group of men. This week's episode of SmackDown Live proved that, with Xavier Woods and Big E fighting against all odds—and succeeding—to secure Kingston's spot at Mania. This desire to make Kofi the top guy has long been a dream of…

SmackDown RunDown Live (3/26/19): Fresh Afternoon Rules!

I decided to submit this column late to listen and read every opinion I could possibly get (and not because I forgot to watch the show because I was feeling lazy). I just knew I’ll end up writing an incoherent rant that will barely make any sense. Now that I’ve organized my thoughts, let’s try to process this polarizing episode of SmackDown Live.

I think you already know where the confusion is coming from. Instead of the previously advertised four-way match to determine who will face the SmackDown Women’s Champion at WrestleMania 35, Asuka defended her title against Charlotte Flair this week. No setup, no explanation. Charlotte Flair received a title shot without moving a muscle yet again. Obviously, the majority of fans and even the rest of the division were outraged.

I was too, initially. It felt like a terrible swerve and a completely unnecessary wrinkle to the already historic Mania main event. Was it really necessary to throw Asuka to the curb just to give Charlotte Flair a new toy…

The Grapevine (3/29/19): Keep Coming Back to Manila

Good morning, and this is the Grapevine! This section of Smark Henry is where we round up all the founded and unfounded rumors abound the pro wrestling scene that you may have missed over the week. Remember to take everything with a grain of salt!

Is WWE headed back to Manila this year?
Leaked court documents reveal a possible WWE live event in Manila on September 20 this year. The court documents come from a lawsuit WWE is pursuing against bootleggers. While WWE has not yet confirmed or announced any Manila dates for 2019, insider sources have hinted at a possible return to the Philippines during Xavier Woods's media visit last November. (Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet)We say: If this is true, then it should only be a matter of time until WWE themselves announce it via their local public relations partners. The leak is already out there, so this is all they have to do. Sit tight and we may be getting the answers we need sooner than later. Charlotte Flair winning the SmackDown Women&#…

#ThemeSongTuesday: AYAN NA SI DADDAX!

Vendetta 2018was a great time for PWR fans who are obsessed with wrestlers' entrance themes because not one, not two, but three new themes were dropped last November. Our entrance theme for the Mr. Sy Group of Talents (MSG) was the subject of last week's #TST, and this week, we're featuring another one of those themes—one that belongs to a champion who retained his title at Path Of Gold 2019.

All Out War Champion Dax Xaviera comes out to "XX," one of the pinakamalupit na theme songs in PWR's music catalog today. Produced by PWR bootcamper Fidel de Jesus and Benjo Juni, the song sounds like a stadium anthem in the making with an infectious riff. "I let Fidel de Jesus and Benjo Juni arrange the music," Xaviera recalls. "But I made sure na makukuha ko 'yung feel na gusto kong marinig sa final output." He tells us that the song went through at least two or three revisions before the final cut we hear blaring at PWR shows today.


Live From the 205 (3/19/19): Buddy Isn't Your Buddy, Pal

I can't believe it. They actually pulled it off.

Because 205 Live's got enough creative space to do just whatever the fuck they want for WrestleMania, they went with the compelling option instead of giving us Cedric Alexander for the second straight year in a row. That's right, folks, my original prediction was correct: Buddy Murphy's training partner Tony Nese is your #1 contender to the Cruiserweight Championship at the big show.

The final outcome I predicted for this tournament all came true: Nese went all the way to the finals, turned babyface in the process, right before getting destroyed by his only friend in the entire division. While either result would've made sense, I think it's a valiant decision to try and build a new babyface in Tony Nese to replace Mustafa Ali. You churn out a solid tournament final, get a feud that's fresh, has the benefit of having some weight of history behind it, and you create a new star in the process.

My only criticism …

EXCLUSIVE: PHX Title #1 Contender’s Match Set for PWR Live: Destino

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! #NitPickRick here bringing you some breaking news instead of unpopular opinions for a change. There’s probably one person who won’t enjoy this one and that’s John Sebastian, because at PWR Live: Destino, Chino Guinto and Vlad Sinnsyk will square off to determine who will face the PHX Champion at Wrevolution X.

Now let me flex on my journalistic styles for a bit. It’s not a secret that these two have been gunning for the Big White Gold since the year started. Vlad Sinnsyk declared last January that he’s out to hand judgment to John Sebastian’s evil ways and since then, Sinnsyk has been on a major roll. No one was able to stop the Hand of Judgment as he picked up wins against Super Vintendo, Jake de Leon, and even DDT’s Masa Takanashi and DJ Nira.

Meanwhile, Chino Guinto has taken the opposite route. The Blessed One made it a priority to regain the title he never lost since returning at PWR Live: New Year’s Wrestle-ution. He came an inch closer at PWR Liv…

Smark Hen-XT (3/20/19): It's Okay When It's In A Five-Way

With Tommaso Ciampa officially relinquishing the NXT Championship due to injury, it was up to the creative minds in NXT to come up with a main event worthy of NXT's WrestleMania weekend.

Enter Triple H.

Papa H came out to declare that, due to the injury, Johnny Gargano had no opponent for the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: New York. He cut a passionate promo about the value of NXT, its championships and what the brand as a whole has always brought to the table. With that, he announced that he was giving opportunities to five of NXT's top stars in NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream, Aleister Black, Ricochet, Adam Cole and Matt Riddle.
Admittedly, a big bout such as this deserves to have the spotlight, and that is why the focus of the whole night was on the main event and its competitors. Remember that four of these five participants—Matt Riddle being a wildcard—had worked with each other in a multitude of storylines so the familiarity with each other was there.


#FinisherFriday (3/22/19): Ronda Rousey's Armbar

Welcome to another edition of #FinisherFriday! This is Wreddit_Regal just giving recognition to our rowdy RAW Women's Champion.

It could be said that although many female superstars paved the way to what would become the current state of women's wrestling, Ronda Rousey's arrival on WWE soil had definitely shaken the promotion to its roots. It now meant that wrestling was going to get as high-octane and skill-based as it gets (compared to the previous eye-candy era, save a few legends). True enough, Rousey took the women's division by storm, capturing the RAW Women's Championship in less than a year. Since then, she grew into what you would call "the best of two fighting worlds," like a warrior weaving intricate art into their battles.

It should be noted however that since the current world in which she resides pays her to entertain people first and foremost, she has tweaked her finishing move so as not to cause long-term injuries to her opponents (but do…