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PWR Path of Gold 2019 Live Results

Marks and smarks, we're here at the Power Mac Center Spotlight for PWR Path of Gold 2019. So join us as we begin the road to Wrevolution X. 

Are you missing this afternoon’s show? Then, keep checking and refreshing this page as we bring you the live results of PWR Path of Gold 2019!


  • Jhemherlhynn defeated Jaye Sera via submission.
  • Cali Nueva won against Kapitan Tutan after a top rope diving elbow drop. 


  • The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores) captured the PWR Tag Team Championships after defeating The Naughty Boys (Trian Dela Torre and Evan Carleaux) (w/ The KakaiBros) via a modified version of the Two-Night Stand.
  • Chris Panzer pinned "Dynomite Soul" Eric Walker after an Eagle Splash to qualify for Path of Gold.
  • The team of Vlad Sinnsyk and Jake De Leon defeated the team of Masa Takanashi and DJ Nira after Vlad gave DJ Nira a Muscle Buster.
  • Dax Xaviera retained the All Out War Championship against Robynn in a very brutal contest.
  • John Sebastian pinned Ken Warren to retain the PHX Championship after MSG interfered and attacked Warren.
  • Emi Sakura got the win over Crystal via a Diving Moonsault. The two hugged after the match as a sign of respect.
  • Ralph Imabayashi retained the PWR Championship after Rederick Mahaba passed out in a Black City Lock.


  • Quatro eliminated Mike Madrigal with a Destino to win Path of Gold. After the match, he challenged Ralph Imabayashi. 

Entrants (in order of appearance) :
  1. Quatro
  2. Jan Evander
  3. Alexander Belmonte III
  4. Kh3ndrick
  5. Evan Carleaux
  6. Revo Ranger
  7. Chino Guinto
  8. Main Maxx
  9. Chris Panzer
  11. Ken Warren
  12. Mh4rck1e
  13. Vlad Sinnsyk
  14. Trian Dela Torre
  15. Martivo
  16. Joey Bax
  17. Super Vintendo
  18. Brad Cruz
  19. Mike Madrigal
  20. James "Idol" Martinez

Eliminations :
  • Main Maxx and SANDATA eliminated Ken Warren and Chris Panzer. 
  • The KakaiBros eliminated SANDATA and Main Maxx. 
  • Kh3ndrick eliminated Trian Dela Torre. 
  • Mh4rck1e eliminated Evan Carleaux.
  • Mh4rck1e eliminated Kh3ndrick. 
  • Quatro eliminated Mh4rck1e.
  • The End Game eliminated Revo Ranger.
  • The End Game eliminated Joey Bax.
  • The End Game eliminated Brad Cruz.
  • The End Game eliminated Alexander Belmonte III.
  • The End Game eliminated James "Idol" Martinez.
  • Chino Guinto eliminated Super Vintendo.
  • Chino Guinto eliminated Jan Evander.
  • Mike Madrigal eliminated Martivo.
  • Quatro and Mike Madrigal eliminated Vlad Sinnsyk and Chino Guinto.
  • Quatro eliminated Mike Madrigal to win Path of Gold.
And just like that, the show is done! Did your picks win for the night? Watch out for the official Smark Henry review of PWR Path of Gold 2019 and see you at the next show! 


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