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#ThemeSongTuesday: Like A Lacey

Quick show of hands: who's sick and tired of this song now?

And who's sick and tired of seeing Lacey Evans make an entrance only to strut down the ramp and then mosey right back to the locker room?

It seems we're all playing right into WWE's hands since this is all part of their master plan to keep Lacey Evans in the WWE Universe's consciousness. Evans is reportedly set up for a massive push heading into WrestleMania so while she isn't in a major storyline right now, expect that to change soon. 

This is also why you should get used to hearing the Sassy Southern Belle's theme more often. Side note: who comes up with these terrible monikers? What the fuck is a Sassy Southern Belle even supposed to be? 

Lacey Evans' theme starts with a buzzing siren, clearly a homage to her background as a former US Marine. What follows is an upbeat pop-rock track sung by a cheeky female vocalist, whose range isn't really tested throughout the song. As she goes from verse to hook and back, you can tell that she can sing, but the song doesn't require her to flex those pipes. It's a shame because I would've wanted to see if she could've taken this theme to a different level had she stepped it up a notch vocally. I didn't expect her to go all Ann Wilson of Heart on this ditty, but her basic delivery on this looping track made it sound pedestrian.

On the bright side, "Like A Lady" stands out because it doesn't sound like it came out of WWE 2K's stock generic entrance themes for your MyPlayer characters. The guitars, synths, and drums actually have a bit of personality throughout the track, which helps the song establish who Lacey Evans is as a person and as a character.

Once I'd gotten over my annoyance for this song because of how Lacey Evans has been booked since her main roster debut, I realized that the lyrics on this one aren't bad at all. Through two quick verses and a hook, the theme was able to accurately describe Evans. She's a traditional Southern lady, who isn't afraid to use her physical force to make you fall in line. You can hear the influences of her military background in the verses, too, making this the rare entrance theme in the modern era whose lyrics sum the wrestler's character up effectively.

I'm marching for you 
I've got your number 
Yeah, I don't think you're ready 

Don't speak 
Now mind your manners 
And be respectful 
You better keep it steady 

Don't be jealous cause they like what they see 
You say I'm devilish but it's not what it seems 
It comes so natural, can't take it from me 

Like a lady! 
Act like a lady! 
So traditional (Traditional) 

Like a lady! 
Act like a lady! 
It's unconditional (Unconditional) 

Like a lady! 
Act like a lady! 

Step back 
Why don't you get back 
I run a tight ship 
And don't you dare forget that 

I don't need 
Your permission 
I'm on a mission 
I don't care where your head's at

Even though Lacey Evans has been rebranded from being the Lady of NXT to being the Sassy Southern Belle, "Like A Lady" still somehow fits what she's supposed to be on TV. Hell, it's actually a fun listen when you're not oversaturated by it. Then again, if this song annoys you because you hear it so often and associate it with Lacey Evans and her non-actions, then that means it's successful in getting you to dislike her. And in this modern era where heels have to be more creative just to get heat, isn't the WWE Universe's annoyance towards her a good thing?

I'll leave that for you to decide.

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