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Smark Healthy: Revo Ripped

Everyone in attendance at PWR Live: Destino was witness to something that most did not expect.

Revo Ranger's suit was noticeably getting more loose on his frame, as some fans have noticed, and for good reason. He has been hiding a lean, mean justice machine of a body underneath his Revo suit. This was likely something that PHX Champion John Sebastian did not expect when he decided to strip the Defender of Justice as a sign of disrespect. What awaited him was the product of months of hard work, as Revo Ranger said in our interview.

Despite losing out to the dangerous John Sebastian, Revo Ranger gave the Wrestling Lord and Savior one hell of a fight. What lies ahead of this, his fans will surely be anticipating. The Road to Revo Ranger UItra EX So how did Ultra Instinct Revo Ranger come to be? The answer is plain and simple, but definitely not easy: hard work.
"Every day is conditioning day while working on a specific body part. Basically my day consists of waking up at five, …

The Stan Sy WrestleMania 35 Experience

My WrestleMania story started as soon as WrestleMania34 ended.

After hearing first-hand accounts from Gretchen Gatan and Hub Pacheco, two friends who had gone to WrestleMania on their own for 33 and 34 respectively, I was convinced that the WrestleMania pilgrimage was an attainable goal. By the time 34 rolled around, I told myself that if WWE were to bring 'Mania to a city where I had relatives living nearby, I had to make the trip myself.

When WWE announced that the Showcase of the Immortals would take place in New Jersey and New York for 35, I knew I had to make my pilgrimage happen come hell or high water. I have an aunt living in New Jersey and I know the commute between Jersey and New York was humanly possible.

And that's how my quest began. All I knew was that 'Mania would be at the MetLife Stadium and that I was going to be there for it. Now I just needed a plan.

Throughout my WrestleMania experience (lol), friends and followers kept asking me how I got there, how …